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Jim Gunderson

Louise and Jim Gunderson have been researching and developing robots and artificial intelligence systems since the early 1990s. With Ph.D.s in systems engineering (Louise) and computer science (Jim) they have focused on the artificial intelligence needed to make practical autonomous mobile robots. Authors of nearly 50 technical publications and the book Robots, Reasoning and Reification, they have developed cutting-edge theoretical breakthroughs that have resulted in the BSL series of mobile robots, intended for applications in the home and commercial settings, and been awarded numerous U.S. and European patents for robotic systems. Basil, the BSL-001 robot that’s been in service since October 2008, is a fully functional autonomous mobile robot intended for use in home and commercial environments. They and one of their robots presented a TEDx FrontRange talk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2fGIqokpLA) on robots and consciousness—possibly the first TED talk done by a robot.